Alternate Current: Club Car launches electric truck

Alternate Current: Club Car launches electric truck

The Current truck is designed for low-speed logistics and cargo services, filling the gap between full-sized trucks and small utility vehicles.

Club Car is launching a new electric vehicle, the Club Car Current, in partnership with AYRO. The Current is a compact all-electric light-duty truck equipped with automotive features and comforts ideal for low-speed logistics and cargo services.

The Current is available in three different bed configurations with a flat bed, pickup or van box to handle a variety of jobs. With a range of up to 57 miles and 72V AC electric powertrain, it is positioned for use as an all-purpose work vehicle.

“We are excited about the Current and the specific enhancements to boost performance and comfort,” Club Car commercial portfolio leader Brant Mitchell said. “(It) is our latest addition to our commercial products providing new opportunities for our existing channel and customers and new emerging market opportunities like last mile delivery.”

The Current also features a new modern exterior design with specially-designed automotive body panels, LED lighting, upgraded 1000W heater, new 170-degree rear-view camera, new backlit digital gear selector design, the latest software and VRLA gel battery technology providing improved performance and range.

It is a certified low-speed vehicle (LSV) and can be configured to be registered and licensed to operate at 25 mph on city streets with posted speeds up to 35 MPH.  It is also CARB (California Air Resource Board) certified with the “Cleanest” Scores for global warming and air quality – ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle).