Minnesota course begins multi-year project to fix erosion issues and modernize golf course
Courtesy of Duininck Golf

Minnesota course begins multi-year project to fix erosion issues and modernize golf course

Multiple entities working together, including Nicklaus Design and Duininck Golf, to execute master plan at Bearpath Golf & Country Club.


Bearpath Golf & Country Club in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, is working with Nicklaus Design and Duininck Golf on a multi-year master plan that includes fixing erosion issues caused by Riley Creek while modernizing and enhancing multiple parts of the golf course.  

The Bearpath ownership and management group listened to recommendations following a visit from Jack Nicklaus and has worked diligently together with the Riley Purgatory Bluff Creek Watershed District over the last two years to prepare for improvements, specifically on holes 12, 13 and 16 as an overall joint project. The renovation provided the opportunity for the watershed district to also join in on stream improvements while the golf course was undergoing construction. Chris Cochran, Nicklaus Design’s lead architect for the project, then pointed out several other improvements he wanted made, including bunker renovations, cart path replacements, and green re-grassing and resizing.

Bearpath hired Duininck Golf and BARR Engineering for the multi-year project, which is currently underway. Brad Lindaman is the senior water resources engineer at BARR engineering and represents Bearpath in its work with the Riley Purgatory Bluff Creek Watershed District.

“I have over 30 years of experience in watershed organization management,” Lindaman said, “and I’m intent on making sure there’s mutual benefit in this project, to both the watershed district and Bearpath Golf & Country Club. Ultimately, I want to make sure that the golf course’s existence and evolution are sustainable long term.”

The combination of extensive engineering work, Nicklaus Golf’s renovations and Duininck Golf’s construction will improve the functionality, scenery and entertainment value of the 25-year-old course.

“I love Bearpath Golf & Country Club,” Duininck Golf general manager Judd Duininck said.
“Bearpath is a great property and facility. I have been there many times over the years. It has been fun to see the improvements to the facility over the years and greatly appreciate being a part of making it a better place for everyone in the long term.”