Bayer Flex Solutions takes aim at 2020 heat stress

Bayer Flex Solutions takes aim at 2020 heat stress

Bayer Green Solutions Team suggests custom stress management program for greens and fairways.


No time like the present: Bayer's Turf and Ornamental division is highlighting how superintendents can proactively mitigate summer stress in 2020 by taking advantage of early ordering through Bayer Flex Solutions and a customized program from the Bayer Green Solutions team.

“Intense heat stress has become a constant battle for superintendents, and 2019 was no exception,“ golf customer marketing manager Mike Hirvela said. “To maximize turf potential during the most stressful conditions, superintendents need more than a one-size-fits-all approach.”

Managing heat stress requires customized solutions that address the unique combinations of biotic and abiotic stresses across the anatomy of the course. With tailored stress management recommendations from the Bayer Green Solutions Team — featuring Signature XTRA Stressgard on greens and Fiata Stressgard on fairways — the Stressgard portfolio of products provides systemic activity for disease control, resulting in long-lasting preventative as well as curative activity.

Greens require the most intense and tailored stress management programs. When treating greens for summer stress, there are several products, including some formulations of phosphites, that should be used with caution based on phytotoxicity and burn potential.

When treating fairways, superintendents need solutions that go above and beyond basic phosphites to not only control disease but also provide stress mitigation, improved color, quality and overall better performance under peak season play. Fiata Stressgard combines a potassium phosphite with Stressgard Technology to achieve greater turf quality and stress reduction after heat stress with no turf safety restrictions. It can be applied at any time for stress and disease management and is compatible with most fungicides in tank-mix or rotation programs.