Straight Forward
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Straight Forward

Powerful products and simple planning process are proven staples of BASF’s 2023 Early Order Program.

September 26, 2022

The BASF 2023 Early Order Program (EOP) is back, and once again, it combines powerful products with an incredibly simple planning process to help support your most stress-free season yet. You need the most effective turf solutions to keep your course green, healthy and free of diseases, pests and weeds, which is why our EOP provides a superior ordering experience with a portfolio of products that can be tailored to meet your unique needs. Build your own program with innovative chemistries, industry-leading savings and hassle-free ordering — all while earning rebates up to 25 percent. From top to bottom, our goal is to provide an effortless EOP designed to help you point your course STRAIGHT FORWARD toward turf success.


When turf is strong and resilient, it shows. That’s why we place powerful chemistries and formulations at the heart of every EOP, including our Intrinsic® brand fungicides, which have pioneered the industry for more than a decade by delivering incredible disease control and plant health benefits. There’s a solution for every super in this groundbreaking family of products, including Navicon® Intrinsic brand fungicide, Honor® Intrinsic brand fungicide, Lexicon® Intrinsic brand fungicide and Insignia® SC Intrinsic brand fungicide. This year, to help turf pros take advantage of the entire lineup, we introduced the all-new Intrinsic Brand Fungicide Kicker Rebate, empowering you to anchor your spray programs with broad-spectrum disease control, stronger roots, greater stress tolerance, healthier turf and best of all — savings. Add any Intrinsic brand fungicide to your program and earn an additional 1 percent rebate on your Design-Your-Own Program fungicide purchases.


A versatile program is a powerful program. That’s why we offer Across-The-Course Solutions featuring an incredibly robust selection of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and more to help ensure your turf is prepared for anything — not to mention helping you save with budget-boosting rebates. Restock with all of your favorite products, including Alucion® 35 WG insecticide, Drive® XLR8 herbicide and Finale® XL T&O herbicide, and round out your program while earning rebates up to 10 percent based on the size of your order and your level of spend. Plus, if you spend $25,000 or more on three different qualifying Design-Your-Own Program fungicides, you’ll automatically qualify for the 10 percent Across-The-Course Solutions rebate, proving that during EOP, it truly saves to plan ahead.


Take your season and your turf from excellent to exceptional by staying ahead of the game and on top of your budget. Start by planning your spray programs early and ordering in October to qualify for the highest rebate levels. Plus, enjoy extended payment terms until June 7, 2023. You know your turf better than anyone, so we’ve made it easy to choose the products you want in the exact quantities you need for your course, for your most personalized EOP experience ever. Simplify your spray program by stocking up on multiple innovative chemistries that will keep your turf healthy while giving you an even healthier sense of confidence going into the season ahead. 


You have high expectations for your turf, so you need an EOP that rises up to meet them. The BASF 2023 Early Order Program combines innovative chemistries with a streamlined planning and ordering process to provide a powerful, hassle-free and budget-friendly start to your season. Take the pressure out of EOP this year by visiting to optimize your savings and start designing foundational spray programs that work best for your course. With simple planning and ordering tools and exclusive rebate opportunities, the BASF 2023 Early Order Program is here to help confidently move your turf success in one direction — STRAIGHT FORWARD.