BASF introduces Encartis fungicide

BASF introduces Encartis fungicide

Dual-active fairways solution controls dollar spot and other foliar diseases.


BASF has introduced Encartis fungicide, a dual-active fairway solution that provides preventative and curative activity against dollar spot and 10 other key foliar diseases.

Encartis is offered in a pre-mix formulation, combining the strength of both boscalid and chlorothalonil for preventive defense and curative action. The dual-active solution provides long lasting protection for up to 28 days to help maintain healthy, disease-free playing conditions all season long.

“Encartis is an outstanding fungicide pre-mix and always performed very well in trials at Clemson,” said Dr. Bruce Martin, turfgrass pathology professor emeritus, Clemson University. “The combination extends the spectrum of diseases controlled while providing defense against selection of resistant fungal strains. I am glad to see this product added to turf managers’ tools for disease control.”

Encartis can be used anywhere on the golf course at any time of the year to control key diseases.