Autmow adds a pair of new products to lineup

Autmow adds a pair of new products to lineup

Designed for high-precision line marking, TinyMobileRobots has painted more than 500,000 fields.


Autmow, which sells environmentally-friendly lawn-mowing robots, just added TinyMobileRobots to their product line, which specializes in high-precision machines that line-mark sports fields. TinyMobileRobots has the distinction of marking nearly a half million fields to date worldwide.

The new lineup consists of two machines: the TinyLineMaker Sport, which is compact and suited more for small- to medium-sized sports clubs and teams. It includes a five-liter paint container and takes 27 minutes to linemark a full soccer field.

The TinyLineMarker Pro is more robust and versatile, featuring a 9.5-liter paint container and is geared more for municipalities and service providers. 

“TinyMobileRobots has been in the industry for more than 10 years,” Autmow CEO Jeff Lattimer said. “We’re proud to offer more capabilities and time savings for schools, municipalities and sports organizations.” 

Autmow is also rolling out its new website this month, which will feature more in-depth information on their full product line. To celebrate, the company is running a springtime sale that offers free installation materials on all robotic lawn mowers through the end of May with the purchase of a new lawn mower.