Atticus announces rebranding, new leadership for division serving turf market

Atticus announces rebranding, new leadership for division serving turf market

Industry veteran Michael Maravich will oversee EcoCore business.


Atticus announced the rebranding of its professional non-crop market business to EcoCore. The EcoCore business fights pests and contributes to the safety and comfort of people, the beautification of surroundings, and the protection of personal property and critical infrastructure. The unit includes the Turf & Ornamental division.

Atticus recruited industry veteran Michael Maravich to serve as vice president, EcoCore markets. Maravich brings extensive knowledge, proven leadership and an established industry network to the EcoCore team. In addition, Maravich has served on the boards of directors of Project Evergreen and Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment, which Atticus is now a member.

“This industry has been my passion for my whole career. Building off my recent experience in agriculture, I’m inspired to come back to my roots in non-crop and grow the EcoCore markets at Atticus,” Maravich said. “Aligning my passion and experience with the Atticus purpose-driven attitude and a strategy that is committed to desired outcomes with an unwavering commitment to help elevate our customers’ ability to serve their industries and enhance daily life.”

The Maravich-led EcoCore team will optimize the current portfolio and continue to develop and drive product development going forward. “With an ever-expanding portfolio of more than 60 active ingredients and 120 end-use registrations, Atticus has the depth to deliver relevant, straightforward products and the vision to meet customer priorities and challenges,” Maravich said.

“Atticus has been directionally consistent for years, and we are using that momentum to springboard the EcoCore business. With an extensive portfolio, a well-rounded team, and a defined cultural framework, we’re in a unique position to deliver on our value proposition: Relevant-Simple-Reliable,” Maravich said.