AMGUARD releases new fungicide brochure

AMGUARD releases new fungicide brochure

Brochure highlights PREMION’s anthracnose control in recent university field trials and effective use in programs.


AMGUARD Environmental Technologies, formally AMVAC Environmental Products, released a new product brochure for its PREMION fungicide product. PREMION is formulated with PCNB, a multi-site contact fungicide and tebuconazole, a proven DMI fungicide, providing dual modes of action and contact and systemic activity.

Anthracnose has become one of the more difficult diseases to manage in turfgrass, in part because it can be active for long periods of the year, and because it has developed widespread resistance to strobilurin and benzimidazole fungicides.  Also, many isolates exhibit lessened sensitivity to triazole fungicides as well. 

Because of these fungicide resistance challenges with anthracnose, turfgrass pathologists generally recommend using at least two active ingredients with proven anthracnose activity in every fungicide spray targeting anthracnose.  They also recommend using as many different modes of action as possible in a fungicide program. 

PREMION contains PCNB, the only FRAC Group 14 fungicide registered for turfgrass use. “PCNB gives PREMION a unique mode of action against anthracnose, including fungicide-resistant or insensitive isolates, which are the most different to control,” AMGUARD product development manager Dr. Charles Silcox said. “Recent university field trials detailed in the brochure verify PREMION provides unsurpassed anthracnose control when compared to other leading anthracnose fungicides.”

Anthracnose control programs are generally most effective when they begin at least one month before disease symptoms historically appear at a given site. That means the first preventative fungicide application targeting anthracnose should be made in late spring to early summer in most areas.

PREMION controls at least 20 other common turfgrass diseases, including brown patch, brown ring patch, dollar spot, fairy ring, Microdochium patch and summer patch.