Airmax introduces new fountain line
An Airmax fountain on display in a pond.

Airmax introduces new fountain line

Pond management company aims to make floating fountains easier to use.

April 9, 2019

After five years in development, Airmax is unveiling its new PondSeries floating fountain product line.

The new PondSeries fountains feature 1/2-, 1- and 2- horsepower units that showcase a lightweight, drop-in design, three spray patterns and no oil or seals to change. The company’s head of engineering, Sean Diamond, said, “When we set out to develop the PondSeries fountains, we wanted to pack them with high-quality features that both pond owners and professional installers alike would appreciate. The result is the easiest to sell and install fountains on the market.”

Floating fountains often need to be pulled from the water and taken back to the dealer’s shop for cleaning and repair. The PondSeries patent-pending design allows an Airmax professional installer to completely repair them at pond-side.

“We tried to design the PondSeries through the eyes of the field installer, so we wanted to design something where repairs and maintenance could be done under an hour and right at the pond’s edge,” Airmax owner Jason Blake said. “That’s why you only need a few tools and one person to make any repairs necessary on these units.”

Company representatives are hitting the road in a custom-designed trailer to demonstrate the functionality of each fountain.