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The TDR-X contour roller mower features a 10’6” wide cut with 3 independently floating decks and a unique 6-way swivel hitch. It is both productive and agile as it was designed from the ground up as a contour mower for golf courses. Designed to closely follow the contours of a championship ranked golf course, it produces a professional quality cut that will impress both Superintendents and Members alike. Replaceable blade tips are standard and feature an industry leading 2” overlap for a superior cut and extended life, reducing operating costs. The TDR-X is as easy to maintain as it is to operate that will allow your technical staff to focus on other activities. No daily greasing and many standard TDR-X features are not found on other similar mowers.

The TDR-X, the way a contour roller mower should be designed.

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