Bio S.I. Technology offering all-natural microbial formulas

Turf Formula improves growth and vigor of root zone.

July 9, 2014

Bio S.I. Technology is offering all-natural microbial solutions to ensure fairways and ponds stay green and clean all year round.
Bio S.I.’s Turf Formula’s reduces the incidence of disease by encouraging beneficial bacteria known as microbes to grow and crowd out pathogens that cause browning and other diseases. Turf Formula acts as a bio stimulant that helps improve the growth and vigor of the root zone which improves the overall condition of the turf.  

As the microbial population improves, the soil will allow for better water penetration and water efficiency. Nutrients will be held in the root zone improving your fertilizer utilization and efficiency. This helps to control water usage and reduces chemical use. Turf Formula should be made part of normal turf fertilization program to improve the soil as well as the overall quality and appearance of the course. With ever increasing costs of traditional fertilizers and chemicals paired with rising costs and dwindling availability of water, Turf Formula is a safe and economical alternative that will improve the efficiency of your treatment programs.
In addition to manicured fairways and perfect greens, the condition of a course’s water features remains equally as important. Bio S.I’s all natural and environmentally friendly Water Doctor breaks down and removes harmful nitrates, phosphates and other contaminants to restore pond clarity and keep them clean the natural way. Water Doctor’s blend of soil-borne microbes drastically reduces the nutrients required for moss or algae blooms, keeping water features looking great. It works throughout the water layers and through the bottom sludge layers to digest organic waste and remove fertilizer compounds, ammonia and organic odors to keep ponds clear, clean and fresh. Water Doctor is safe for humans, animals, fish and aquatic plant life.