John Deere A40 and V40 PrecisionCore Aerators

John Deere A40 and V40 PrecisionCore Aerators

March 11, 2013

John Deere
Turf Renovation & Maintenance Equipment Aerators

At GIS 2013, John Deere's A40 and V40 PrecisionCore Aerators were designed specifically with superintendents’ feedback in mind. The new aerators offer features for increased productivity and efficiency.

Providing products with innovative technology is a part of the company’s commitment to ensuring industry professionals are equipped to produce the best results today and in the future.

Here’s a quick look at how the new aerators meet the needs of superintendents:
Patent-pending articulating frame for consistent hole depth in undulating terrain
Shift on-the-fly technology allows for users to change the hole spacing while the machine is in motion
Tight turning radius for sharper, quicker turns
Improved operators station for easy control access

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