Toro Introduces Multi Pro 1750 with GeoLink

Toro Introduces Multi Pro 1750 with GeoLink

Innovative GeoLink technology now available on Toro’s most popular sprayer.

February 9, 2017
Equipment Supplier News
Toro announces the introduction of the Multi Pro® 1750 with GeoLink technology. The innovative GPS spraying solution is designed to maximize efficiency, deliver exceptional coverage, and minimize chemical costs by eliminating overspray.

The GeoLink system was initially offered on the Multi Pro 5800 in 2015, and due to the positive reception of the innovative technology, Toro now offers this GPS spraying solution for the Multi Pro 1750. GeoLink was developed by Toro in partnership with Topcon Positioning Systems, a world leader in precision measurement and positioning systems. The system is available in both Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) and Real Time Kinematic (RTK) correction system configurations. The latter allows the Toro sprayer to be accurate and repeatable to within 1 cm of set parameters.

“We experienced an overwhelmingly positive response to the GeoLink system when we first launched it on our Multi Pro 5800,” said Jace Bertsch, marketing manager at Toro. “Confident in the proven technology, and given strong customer demand, we have now completed the system integration on our most popular sprayer — the Multi Pro 1750.”

According to Bertsch, the Multi Pro 1750 is most commonly used on tees and greens, and the integration of GeoLink technology now gives superintendents much more precision and control of their spraying applications.

Because of the single-nozzle level control and a more accurate application, superintendents are able to eliminate overspray, which contributes to significant reductions in overall application costs. Additionally, GeoLink ensures consistent coverage, contributing to the overall health of the turfgrass.

Support for GeoLink is offered through the Toro National Support Network (NSN) and includes troubleshooting and rapid replacement services. For more information about the new Toro Multi Pro 1750 with GeoLink, please visit the Multi Pro family website.