SynaTek Solutions launches Branch Creek

SynaTek Solutions launches Branch Creek

New company will offer provide cleaner solutions for golf course, residential, commercial, agriculture and municipal use.

March 2, 2018
GCI Staff
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SynaTek Solutions CEO Nate Clemmer has announced the launch of Branch Creek, a manufacturer of cleaner, safer growing and surface maintenance solutions for residential, commercial, agricultural, golf course and municipal use. 

Branch Creek products optimize outcomes while minimizing the side effects often associated with responsibility-driven efforts, such as high prices and added labor. Its product line includes a fast-acting, salt-free ice melt; OMRI-certified organic fertilizers; and safer pesticides, all designed to do better by water, soil and living things.

“Branch Creek products focus on human health and the ecosystem while maintaining the practical benefits you want and need for your lawn, home, farm, or business,” said Clemmer, who also serves as Branch Creek’s CEO.  

Chloride-free Entry is a clean liquid formula deicer that melts snow and ice in as little as 30 seconds, won’t dirty or damage floors, and outperforms traditional rock salt at no added cost. It also spares pets’ paws. 

Branch Creek Organics are OMRI-certified, easy-to-use fertilizers offering long-term profitability for farmers and great results for green thumbs and groundskeepers.   

Finally, Branch Creek’s Safer Play pesticides deliver the control users expect without the high-risk toxic ingredients currently used on most athletic fields and landscaped surfaces. 
“While we need to protect surfaces and lawns, we can do it with cleaner chemistry that doesn’t harm people, and without losing sight of our one precious planet,” Clemmer said. “And it doesn’t even have to cost more.”  

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