Get out to grow

Get out to grow

Leaving the shop or office is just the first step to build a better department and ignite your professional development.

February 8, 2018
Business Management Top Stories

It's time to get out of your comfort zone because not only you, but your department will benefit from it.

That was the main -- albiet it quick -- message Patrick Drinkard presented during an education session packed with turf and equipment professionals earlier this week.

Drinkard, equipment manager at Cordillera Ranch Golf Club in San Antonio, was one of nearly a dozen industry professionals who took part in Lightening Round Learning! The unique format challenged professionals to address topics in a quick, fast-paced and entertaining format. For their five-minute presentation, participants were allowed only 20 slides that automatically advanced every 15 seconds.

At the heart of Drinkard's presentation were eight rapid-fire tips on the importance of leaving the maintenance shop -- or office -- and what to do to benefit your department and overall career.

  • Get out on the course once or twice a week to see the end result of your work and the challenges the turf managers face.
  • Make sure your one the same page witht the director or superintendent, and make it a goal to keep open lines of communication.
  • Use a prism when inspecting all areas of the golf course.
  • Check on equipment in the field to see if it's being used correctly and the workers are utilizing all of the safety features.
  • Visit other departments and learn more about how they operate.
  • Get certified and get involved in the industry.
  • Establish a mentorship program, either finding a mentor for yourself of serving as a mentor for an up-and-comer at your facility.
  • Get on social media because not only are there a lot of new ideas, it's a great format for meeting new colleagues and networking.

"In the end it all comes down to you," Drinkard says. "Do you really want a change in your shop and what are you going to do to get it?"