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July 8, 2005

Temprotect defroster
• Blend of freeze point depressants and complex polymers
• Apply before a frost to eliminate or reduce frost on turf
• Helps reduce turf damage to greens and tees
• Tested in most regions throughout the United States and is being tested overseas
• Chronic frost areas can be reduced or eliminated
• Spot treatments can be applied using a small hand sprayer
• Use in existing liquid spray equipment without modifications
• Application rates range from 2 to 4 gallons per 1,000 square feet
EnviroTech Services

Spec7 Pro weather software
• Weather reporting and management tool
• Data collected by WatchDog loggers and weather stations can be turned into reports and graphs
• Creates and saves custom reports, of which 11 are standard
• Frost-alarm feature calls a pager or mobile phone
• Optional insect and disease models forecast pest pressures
Spectrum Technologies

Cross-conveyor attachment
• Increases the productivity of the WideSpin 1530 topdresser line
• Allows the machine to be used for material handling
• Fills variety of roles, from topping off bunkers, adding mulch to flowerbeds, leveling and repacking sprinkler heads
• Mounts to the tow-behind or truck-mount models
• Offers the convenience of a 180-degree rotation behind the machine
• When combined with the company’s three-position remote-control switch, it gives grounds crews flexibility to place materials
• Stows easily for transport