Playbooks for Golf releases “Conditions”

Playbooks for Golf releases “Conditions”

Software platform intended for communication with golfers.

March 9, 2017
Business Management
Playbooks for Golf has announced the release of its new “Conditions” software platform. The product is intended for golf course superintendents to communicate with golfers. Conditions provides everything needed to instantly communicate with golfers in real-time about the daily status of the golf course and ensures they are receiving the notes. It comes with a turn-key app, CMS and Resource Library. Conditions has officially launched and is available for purchase immediately.

“The reason we developed this simple and very-easy-to-use platform is because we have seen over and over again a lack of communication between golfers and the maintenance of the golf course,” Playbooks for Golf co-owner Greg Wojik said. “First came postings in the locker room, then email blasts which transformed into blogs and twitter feeds. The problem with all of them is that they require the golfer to visit them on their own. In particular, maintenance blogs and Twitter have become more of a sharing environment between turf professionals, and golfers get left behind or not engaged. With Conditions, we take the critical course information straight to golfers’ phones where they can easily see the entire operation, even hole by hole, in a great app format.”

Conditions provides a free app for golfers via the App Store or Google Play. Once installed, the app can “alert” them via push notifications about important course notes for the day from the superintendent and they can browse other areas of the course as well.  The superintendent is provided with a custom-built and easy-to-use CMS (Content Management System) where they can update anything about the course status at any time. We deliver a turn-key setup for updates to be made on a hole-by-hole basis and overall.

“People are now used to receiving multiple notifications or alerts on their phone daily and even hourly. Instead of hoping you are reaching the target audience, you can be certain with Conditions,” Playbooks for Golf co-owner Matt Leverich said. “Getting out in front of course issues or simply trying to educate on a micro basis about different areas of the course is all possible now with Conditions. Once a golfer downloads the app, everything else is taken care of for them and you can deliver content on-demand with the push notifications to specific users, or by where they go on your property. It’s truly revolutionary in keeping golfers engaged in your operation and we are excited to bring it to our clients.”