Nematodes' new nemesis

Nematodes' new nemesis

Syngenta's new Divanem nematicide allows superintendents to attack a variety of parasitic nematodes ravaging their turf.

March 6, 2017
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IMAGE: Divanem delivers broad-spectrum nematode control. Samples from Champion Bermudagrass putting green at Orange County National Golf Center. Samples were collected Oct. 25, 2016.Treatments were applied on Aug 23 and Sept 21, 2016 and watered-in immediately with 0.2 inches of irrigation.

Turfgrass roots damaged by nematodes are less capable of absorbing water and nutrients, require frequent watering and fertilization and are more susceptible to disease. To help combat this challenge, Syngenta is excited to introduce new Divanem nematicide, powered by active ingredient abamectin, for broad-spectrum nematode control on greens, tees and fairways.

Divanem offers:
• An enhanced formulation of Avid® insecticide designed to move quickly into the soil where nematodes are most active, which provides drought tolerance and quicker recovery from stress
• Broad-spectrum control of nematodes, including sting, lance and root-knot
• Excellent nematode protection at low use rates on greens, tees and fairways of all turf types

Enhanced Root Growth and Turf Quality
Divanem protects roots from nematode damage so root system quality and mass can increase drastically. Deeper, denser roots allow for healthier turf that can quickly recover from stresses like disease, drought and aerification.

A Program Approach
For additional protection against nematodes and the stress they may cause roots, Divanem is recommended for use with Heritage Action fungicide as part of a comprehensive agronomic program. This can help further improve turf quality, turf density, root growth and quality, while providing enhanced biotic and abiotic stress tolerance. Find a program for your area at

Additionally, when you purchase one case of Divanem or one case of Divanem and Heritage Action from March 1 to April 30, you will receive a Malektronic® Rocket Bluetooth wireless speaker. Plus, earn 10,000 GreenTrust points on your second qualifying purchase of Divanem or Divanem and Heritage Action Multipak. Find more details about the Get To The Root of Nematodes Program here.

Additional Benefits
Nematodes are a real threat to turf quality, but Divanem provides proven, broad-spectrum control, as well as the following additional benefits:
• Low use rates of 3.125 fl. oz. – 12.2 fl. oz./A
• No special equipment needed for application
• Active ingredient stays in the critical top 3 inches of soil
• No course closures are required during or after application. Re-entry is permitted after the spray has dried

You may continue using and purchasing Avid for nematodes through June 30, 2017, which is when the 24(c) recommendation for controlling nematodes will expire.