OnLink adds Matt Shaffer as advisory board chairman

OnLink adds Matt Shaffer as advisory board chairman

Former Merion director of grounds helped refine operating platform.

March 28, 2018
GCI Staff
People News
OnLink has announced the addition of Matt Shaffer as advisory board chairman.

Prior to joining OnLink, Matt served as the director of grounds at Merion Golf Club, hosting the 2013 U.S. Open, the 2009 Walker Cup and 2005 U.S. Amateur.

“Matt was an early and strong OnLink (formerly OnGolf) user at Merion, and a good portion of his suggestions on refining the solution helped shape what is now OnLink 2.0,” OnLink founder and CEO Walt Norley said. “He is well known throughout the industry as a leading edge progressive, who was willing to take calculated risks in order to achieve the highest standards. We welcome this thinking as we try to disrupt how golf courses are managed with essential and insightful data. Our product team is excited to work with Matt, and hopefully we can harness some of his innovative thoughts into real products for our customers and the market.”

Previous to Merion, Shaffer was the superintendent at the Country Club in suburban Cleveland, Hershey Resorts in Pennsylvania and assistant superintendent, at Augusta National Golf Club. He is the 2013 recipient of the Golf Digest/GCSAA Environmental Leadership Award, the past president of Pennsylvania Turf Grass Council and served on the board of directors of the Philadelphia Golf Course Superintendent’s Association.

“It is exciting to rejoin Walt and his team to help introduce the most advanced data management system to ever be available to Golf and Turf,” Shaffer said. “As I enter this chapter in my life, I am fired up to help OnLink evolve the platform with the other advisory board members and introduce OnLink to superintendents looking to improve their operating practices. I have always said it is hard to be a superintendent, and while OnLink will not make the job easy, it will help to make it easier while driving efficiencies to even higher levels. After all, who doesn’t want more money? 

“There is not a big influx of operating money coming into our industry any time soon, so everyone needs to be smarter in how they manage and allocate the money they have. I know that with OnLink superintendents can make better decisions in all facets of the operation which will allow them to redirect funds at opportune times and still come in on budget.”

OnLink also recently announced the release of OnEquip, a new fleet management program built in partnership with John Deere Golf.