North American Energy Advisory becomes sponsor of Samuel I. Russell Foundation

Financial support provided to recent turfgrass management graduates.

March 20, 2017
North American Energy Advisory has recently become an official sponsor of the Samuel I. Russell Foundation to help recent graduates who want to study the proper care of turfgrass and aim to become golf course superintendents.

“In an industry that is losing so many of its players and courses … we are helping over 30 courses and clubs across the nation to reduce wasteful energy costs,” NAEA CEO and golf enthusiast Jim Mathers said. “North American Energy Advisory helps golf and country clubs develop an energy strategy to perform their existing operations at lower operating costs.  “We feel too many courses have closed already, and want to help the industry keep running without wasting money on unnecessary expenses.”

On the supply-side, NAEA identifies the best available options to reduce a club’s current energy supply budget by up to 25 percent. For those courses in deregulated states, there is an opportunity to choose a competitive supplier of natural gas and/or electricity in the utilities energy choice program. While it depends on the state and the local utility, the purpose of the program is to create competition which means big savings potential for any golf club from a supply standpoint.

With these options, there is no change in utility companies. Course’s utility companies continue to read the meter and bill customers for the delivery of the electricity and handle any outages. Course and club owners merely have control over rates with the competitive supplier vs. the utility and its market-based rates.

On the demand-side of the meter, NAEA helps reduce usage of electricity for golf course owners and general managers by getting multiple bids for:
-- Curtailment solutions including lighting, sensors and controls, with ability to structure the cost differently including after install.
-- Zero out-of-pocket renewable energy solutions which include solar and other renewable sources of energy.