Mirimichi Green adds to CarbonizPN product line

CarbonizPN DJ Fine Grade contains biochar and organic compost.

October 11, 2017
Supplier News Turf
Mirimichi Green has introduced a new member to its CarbonizPN product line with the launch of the CarbonizPN DJ Fine Grade.
Mirimichi Green is providing a powder-like soil amendment that contains 50 percent USDA certified biochar and 50 percent premium organic compost. It is a more refined  grade than their CarbonizPN Soil Enhancer, but still has all of  the same benefits including:    
--Aerates soils and reduces compaction  
--Optimizes pH  
--Increases nutrient uptake   
--Increases root development and soil health  
--Decreases nutrient leaching  
--Increases residual value    

CarbonizPN DJ Fine Grade is a refined, powder-like soil  amendment that is ideal for blending into sand mixes, topdressing and aerification. CarbonizPN DJ Fine Grade is available for sale at Mirimichi Green distributors nationwide and comes in 40-pound bags and one-yard super sacks.