Jacobsen launches new TR Series trim mowers

Jacobsen launches new TR Series trim mowers

TR320 and TR330 feature vertical lift reels.

February 9, 2018
GCI Staff
Equipment Supplier News
Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc. is launching the new Jacobsen TR Series, two trim mowers which feature superior slope capability and maneuverability to navigate tight spaces and challenging terrain while delivering pristine mowing performance. 

The series is comprised of the TR320 and TR330, both of which deliver a heightened quality of cut on slopes, hills and undulations. Easy to operate and service, the TR320 is equipped with vertical lift reels which create the industry’s narrowest transport width, allowing the operator to negotiate any course’s tightest topography

The TR330 comes standard with advanced innovation that provides further precision, control and comfort when trimming any area. The TR330’s AdaptiShift technology allows operators to effortlessly shift all three cutting reels to either side of the machine, creating up to 18 in. of offset. This allows bunkers and other hazards to be trimmed with ease, while keeping the mower away from obstacles.

“Both TR series models are the perfect balance of precision, power and control, allowing you to maximize productivity by covering more ground with one trim unit” said Michael Parkhurst, vice president, olf for Textron Specialized Vehicles, which designs and manufactures Jacobsen turf-care equipment. 

The TR330 equipped with a standard ergonomic seat and an LCD full-color, armrest-mounted display screen which performs intuitive on-board diagnostics, making operation easy and efficient.