Jacobsen Launches HF600 Reel Mower

Jacobsen Launches HF600 Reel Mower

Model delivers a cut path of 138-iches for a wide range of uses; from fairways and manicured roughs, to verticutting and preparing turf for overseeding.

February 9, 2017
Equipment Supplier News
Jacobsen, a leading manufacturer of turf maintenance equipment, will be launching the highly anticipated HF600 heavy-duty fairway mower at this year’s Golf Industry Show in Orlando, Florida. The HF600 delivers an impressive cut path of 138-iches for a wide range of uses; from fairways and manicured roughs, to verticutting and preparing turf for overseeding.

The new mower is powered by a 65 hp Kubota® turbo charged Tier 4 Final common rail diesel engine and is built on a standard platform, enhancing the commonality between this and the new HR wide area rotary series from Jacobsen. This increases the ease of adaption, operator familiarity with controls, and maintenance.

Utilizing the latest high-strength, lightweight steel throughout the HF600 allows for minimal impact on your turf while ensuring agility, strength and reliability. The electronically controlled Kubota diesel engine combined with our InCommand™ control console enables mow speeds and transport speeds to be adjusted and set using a pass code and provides the ability for enhanced engine diagnostic features which can be obtained without the need for a laptop.

AdaptiThrottle™ Control provides three selectable drive modes on the HF600 – Adaptive, Manual and Garage. In Adaptive mode the engine speed is automatically reduced to idle when the mow PTO is disengaged and the vehicle is stationary thereby reducing fuel consumption and noise.

In Manual mode all of the automatic functions are disabled and the mower reacts and drives like a standard machine. The Garage mode disables the cutting units and limits the transport speed to 5 mph which is ideal for manoeuvring in tight areas such as maintenance facilities.

The HF600 features the SureTrac™ traction control system, which automatically transfers power from a slipping front wheel to the opposite rear wheel, and ensures superior control when hill climbing or working on side slopes. It also features 4-wheel drive in reverse, which improves traction when reversing uphill. For additional safety, the Tilt Sensor Technology (TST) ™ control system is a patented standard feature which emits audible warnings when an operator exceeds the mower’s maximum safe working angle and eventually shuts down the mowing process, if persistent warnings are ignored.

“The HF600 is being introduced with versatility and productivity in mind,” Said Lee Frie, Product Manager at Jacobsen.  “Developed to provide industry leading quality of cut on fairways, roughs and sports fields while also holding up to the rigors of verticutting and scalp-down. This unit is capable of mowing with 3, 4, or 5 reels providing unsurpassed versatility, maneuverability and productivity with a 138-inch width of cut. This machine really delivers when it comes to efficiency and productivity. Industry leading operator comfort is maintained with an iso mounted platform and superior suspension seat. “