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Check out these new products debuting on the GIS 2013 show floor in San Diego.

January 18, 2013
GCI Staff

Foley United’s AccuMaster
GIS Booth #2818

  • Accu-Touch Control allows for full control of automated inputs; automated in-feed cycles for “spin” grinding, and programmable automated in-feed cycles for relief grinding
  • Reduces labor, time and effort
  • 100% dust & Noise enclosure system
  • Highest OEM quality grind possible
  • Only reel grinder in the world with all these features

Displace 12% Calcium
GIS Booth #3116

  • Calcium soil specialty product formulated with a unique wetting agent technology
  • Specially formulated soil surfactant enhances product infiltration and facilitates uniform placement of calcium throughout the soil profile
  • Contains 12% Calcium remains in solution and reacts with the soil to displace sodium ions
  • Backed by independent university testing that shows it can improve turf performance and quality by reducing high bicarbonate accumulation from poor irrigation water
  • Specially designed to improve hydrophobic soil conditions and localized dry spots
  • Convenient and easy to use formulation which will provide proven effective results

Turf Rx Fairway Flowable
Booth # 5139

  • The most effective and environmentally sound fairway program
  • Like all Redox products, Rx Fairway Flowable offers a highly efficient formula that allows you to reduce overall nutrient inputs
  • Easy to mix and easy to handle Flowable formulation
  • Carbon-based complexing and chelation deliver plant-available nutrients, ensuring high plant vitality response
  • Extremely compatible with other plant treatment products
  • 100% Satisfaction Manufacturer’s Guarantee, assuring you for the greatest bang for the buck

Turf Marker TF-2020
Booth #4658

  • Affordable, compact, quality foam marker for golf course and turf professionals
  • Outfits booms up to 30 feet
  • Compatible with field speeds up to 7mph
  • Golf ball sized foam drops

Penn State World Campus Turfgrass Programs
GIS Booth #656

  • Whether you’re beginning your career or taking it to the next level, we have an online turfgrass program to meet your goals
  • Master of Professional Studies in Turfgrass Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Turfgrass Science
  • Associate in Science in Turfgrass Science and Management
  • Advanced Certificate in Turfgrass Management
  • Basic Certificate in Turfgrass Management

Becker Underwood Vision Pro HD
GIS Booth #2852

  • Long-lasting, natural-looking green color that won’t turn blue
  • No adverse effects or breakdown associated with UV light
  • Safe for all types of pump seals
  • Compatible with conventional plant protection products

Jacobsen Mystery Machine

  • Something new is coming from Jacobsen. On Jan. 15, at 5:10pm EST, Jacobsen will rip the cover off this machine to reveal a game-changing new product. As the anticipation and excitement builds, Jacobsen is asking people to guess what’s under the cover. Go to and make your guess. All guesses will be entered into a drawing for some great prizes. Of course, the product will be on display (without the cover) in Jacobsen’s booth at the Golf Industry Show in San Diego.

Jacobsen 15-Blade Reel for Walking Greens Mowers
GIS Booth #

  • 15-blade Classic XP reels now come standard with GK 500 series and PGM walking greens mowers 15-blade reel provides superior frequency-of-clip compared to competitive mowers
  • Entire line of Jacobsen walking greens mowers – including the revolutionary ECLIPSE2 series – now come standard with 15-blade Classic XP reels

Jacobsen ECLIPSE 322 Riding Greens with Advanced Lithium Power
GIS Booth #

  • Beginning in 2013, Eclipse 322 riding greens mower will be offered with advanced lithium battery technology
  • Able to cut 18 greens plus practice putting greens on one charge
  • The lithium batteries never need maintenance
  • Will last 6-8 years -- approximately 2,000 cycles

Syngenta Secure Fungicide
GIS Booth # 4339

  • Multi-site contact fungicide and the only registered fungicide for turf in FRAC group 29
  • No known disease resistance, and low risk of future resistance
  • Perfect rotation partner with Daconil Action fungicide for season-long contact protection
  • Perfect partner with systemic fungicides for inside out protection

Syngenta Briskway Fungicide
GIS Booth # 4339

  • DMI containing fungicide that can be used in even the hottest months
  • No heat restrictions with no growth regulation effects, thinning or phytotoxicity
  • Creeping bentgrass, Poa annua, and Bermudagrass are protected at any height of cut
  • Controls over 20 diseases including dollar spot and anthracnose
  • Excellent rainfastness from rapid uptake into leaf tissue
  • Several plant health benefits including enhanced root development and CO2 assimilation

Syngenta Appear Fungicide
GIS Booth # 4339

  • Two components work together to enhance control of pythium and anthracnose
  • Improves summer stress tolerance and overall turf quality
  • Unique pigmented formulation provides a deep green color resulting in greater turf quality
  • Can be used under extreme summer temperatures
  • Mixes easily with Daconil Action fungicide or Secure fungicide

TurboDrop Asymmetric DualFan Nozzle
GIS Booth #4659

  • Spray twice in one pass
  • Maximize coverage and minimize drift
  • Excellent for contact fungicides, growth regulators, foliar amendments, colorants, and anything else that requires maximum coverage on the leaf surface
  • Air induction nozzles are designed specifically for turf grass applications

ProScape 20-0-10 60% MESA 100% EXPO SGN 145
GIS Booth #1929

  • Product number 2253717
  • SGN 145 is perfect for close cut turf of fairways and tees
  • Contains dual slow release of nitrogen and potassium
  • MESA provides brilliant color without growth spikes
  • EXPO helps protect turf during summer stress conditions
  • Highly efficient, long-term feeding product

Trojan Battery Traveler 8V and Ranger 160

GIS Booth # 3521

  • Batteries feature the longest life and longest range in the industry and deliver a new class of deep-cycle battery technology
  • Traveler 8V provide more than 40 percent longer life, Ranger 160 deliver 35 percent more travel distance between recharges current 8V golf batteries
  • Traveler 8V’s internal elements include Trojan’s new Internal Battery Protection System which features thicker grids, membrane-wrapped plates, and the exclusive T2 Technology with Maxguard T2 multi-rib separators
  • Traveler 8V incorporates a moss guard which insulates and protects the top of the battery plates, and features stronger case walls to increase durability
  • Traveler 8V is compatible with Trojan’s HydroLink single-point watering system
  • Ranger 160 deep-cycle battery is optimized for excursions that require significantly more range
  • As an 8-volt, high-performance battery, the Ranger 160 is rated at 160 minutes when discharged at 56 amps
  • Is the first U.S.-made long-range product manufactured to meet the increasing demands of golf carts, utility and low-speed passenger vehicles, as well as hunting vehicles
  • Ranger 160 delivers 35 percent more run time between recharging c
  • Ranger 160’s internal design includes more active material delivering higher performance for long-range driving requirements, plus the exclusive Maxguard T2 multi-rib separators and T2 technology

Clearscape ETQ Fungicide
GIS Booth #3818

  • Combines tebuconazole, a much anticipated DMI fungicide for use on golf course turf, with ETQ technology
  • New tool for managing disease and turfgrass stress with a single product
  • ETQ technology enhances turf quality and manages turfgrass stress factors such as heat and UV light
  • DMI fungicide technology controls disease by inhibiting processes related to fungal biosynthesis, which disrupts target pathogen growth
  • Provides rapid plant uptake, preventative and curative control, low use rate, application flexibility and delayed resistance development
  • Controls anthracnose, dollar spot, brown patch, pink and gray snow mold, gray leaf spot and other diseases in turf
  • Excellent tank mix and fungicide rotation partner

Echo Dyad ETQ fungicide
GIS Booth #3818

  • Next generation chlorothalonil plus ETQ formulation delivers broad-spectrum disease control and sunscreen-like protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays, while protecting from heat and other stress factors
  • Contact fungicide with a multi-site mode of action interrupts the metabolic activity of fungal pathogens and prevents resistance issues
  • ETQ technology improves fungicide effectiveness by making plants more efficient
  • Improves turf color, strength, density and consistency
  • Contains 4.17 lbs. of active ingredient per gallon . . . a different use rate than conventional chlorothalonil products
  • Prevents dollar spot, brown patch, leaf spot, gray leaf spot, anthracnose and other diseases
  • Natural adhesion to plant blade eliminates need for surfactants

Eclipse ETQ
GIS Booth #3818

  • ETQ technology combined with broad-spectrum dicarboximide fungicide with protective and curative action that inhibits spore germination and fungal mycelium growth
  • ETQ technology provides sunscreen-like protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays, heat and other stress factors, while improving turf color, strength, density and consistency
  • ETQ technology improves fungicide effectiveness by making plants more efficient
  • Combination of active ingredient and ETQ technology protects grass blades while controlling dollar spot, brown patch, leaf spot, Fusarium blight, pink and gray snowmold, Pythium blight and other diseases
  • Only snow mold fungicide with ETQ advantages
  • Excellent tank mix and rotation partner in complete fungicide program

E-Scape ETQ
GIS Booth #3818

  • ETQ technology combined with unique pairing of multi-site mode of action contact fungicide and DMI systemic fungicide
  • Contact fungicide interrupts metabolic activity of fungal pathogens while the systemic fungicide inhibits processes related to fungal biosynthesis, which disrupts target pathogen growth
  • ETQ technology provides sunscreen-like protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays, heat and other stress factors, while improving turf color, strength, density and consistency
  • ETQ technology improves fungicide effectiveness by making plants more efficient, promotes optimum aesthetic response and provides complete plant protection
  • Combination of active ingredients and ETQ technology protects grass blades while controlling dollar spot, brown patch, leaf spot, gray leaf spot, anthracnose, powdery mildew, Fusarium patch, summer patch and other diseases
  • Ideal fungicide for Poa annua/bentgrass fairways

True-Surface Greens Care Collection
GIS Booth #4622

  • 12 Interchangeable Inserts – The Greens Care Collection (GCC) will do what would normally take multiple types of equipment to perform. Stop buying expensive equipment – just start your collection of greens care inserts
  • Sturdy Frame Design – Unlike other interchangeable systems, True-Surface is not compromised by a flimsy clam-shell design. The Greens Care Collection frame is designed to withstand golf course conditions such as weather, shop floors, and chemicals
  • Easy-to-use Depth of Cut Site Gauge – No more counting “clicks” and turns, the Patented True-Surface Depth of Cut Adjuster has a Site Gauge that allows you to quickly adjust your settings by simply choosing your mark
  • Time Saver – Quickly attach the GCC directly to your existing triplex – no training necessary
  • No Clean-Up Necessary – The True-Surface vacuum effect efficiently throws debris into the grass baskets

FieldScout GreenIndex+ App
GIS Booth #3624

  • Use the power of your smartPhone for nitrogen management
  • Captures and processes images from an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad and instantly computes the DGCI (Dark Green Color Index) of your turf
  • Generates a turf-color rating
  • Corrective measures, based on early diagnosis of severe nitrogen deficiencies, can prevent unhealthy turf
  • Data can be logged and geo-referenced, and emailed to your PC for further analysis

Jetphiter Fungicide
GIS Booth #529

  • Contains potassium phosphite plus pigment, with signal word “Caution”
  • Exclusive formulation of the top preventive fungicide active for Pythium in warm- and cool-season turfgrass
  • Provides consistent, effective control of pythium and phytophthora (root and crown rot, cankers, foliar blight), downy mildew, bacterial blight and xanthomonas
  • Offers suppression of powdery mildew and black spot
  • Available in 2 x 2.5 gallons; and 7.5 gallon BATpak (Buy, Apply and Turn-in)

PILOT Irrigation System from Hunter
GIS Booth #5138

  • Exclusively for golf courses
  • Features desktop computer-based central control software; two types control systems with advanced below-ground decoder system with hubs available in 250, 500, 750 and 999 station plastic pedestals with up to 120 simultaneous station activation and conventional above-ground controller system with controllers available in 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80 station plastic pedestals with up to 17 simultaneous station activation
  • Communication technologies include wired, UHF radio, license-free spread-spectrum radio
  • Available in English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Korean
  • Controller includes Hunter’s exclusive SafeToggle station switches standard
  • Add Hunter’s maintenance radio and enjoy wireless remote control even before the central control is set up

VERDE-CAL K Plus 0-0-15
GIS Booth #4222

  • Contains Sulfate of Potash, Calcium Sulfate, Magnesium Sulfate
  • Now with L-Amino Acids, Iron Humate, and Manganese Sulfate
  • AQUA-AID’s exclusive thCa releasing mechanism helps VERDE-CAL K Plus break down with shorter irrigation cycles after application
  • Supply Ca, Mg, K, S, Fe, and Mn in a single application