John Deere Golf Previews GPS PrecisionSprayer

John Deere Golf Previews GPS PrecisionSprayer

New sprayer provides innovative solution for golf superintendents and other turf professionals.

February 7, 2018
Equipment Supplier News

John Deere provides insight into the future with the GPS PrecisionSprayer for the John Deere ProGator™ line. With the GPS PrecisionSprayer, superintendents and other turf professionals will have access to proven, off-the-shelf John Deere solutions for precision spraying that increases application accuracy and consistency, decreases input costs, reduces operator fatigue while increasing ease of use, and enhances documentation.

The GPS PrecisionSprayer offers multiple benefits, including:

  • Spray a predetermined area in less time with pass to pass accuracy using AutoTrac.
  • Multiple GPS PrecisionSprayers can share coverage maps to eliminate overlap and increase productivity.
  • Individual nozzle control to minimize application errors, decrease spraying costs and increase operator ease of use.
  • Advanced satellite technology to ensure reliability of boundary maps with Real Time Kinematic (RTK) satellite navigation.
  • All spray data is captured and analyzed to streamline documentation and provide robust analytics.
  • Simplified operator inputs to quickly begin spraying and reduce operator fatigue.

The John Deere GPS PrecisionSprayer will be available for order in fall 2018 for delivery in 2019.