John Deere Golf Expands PrecisionCut Fairway Mowers

John Deere Golf Expands PrecisionCut Fairway Mowers

Addition includes economical line of full-featured fairway mowers -- the 6080A, 6500A and 6700A.

February 7, 2018
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CLICK HERE to watch a video of John Deere Product Manager Brad Aldridge discussing how the new additions meet turf managers top expectations -- quality of cut, efficiency, and cost.


Building upon the success of the 8000A E-Cut Hybrid Fairway mower and its popular three-wheel platform, turf professionals will soon have additional fairway mower options with the John Deere 6080A, 6500A and 6700A PrecisionCut Fairway Mowers. The 6080A, 6500A and 6700A Models leverage all of the fairway mower technologies from the John Deere award-winning A Model family of Fairway, Rough and Trim & Surrounds Mowers. These new A Models were designed out of a customer need for improved budget control while still delivering a fairway mower truly designed for the rigors of fairway applications.  

“With tight operating budgets and increasing labor costs, our customers needed a cost-effective solution to get the job done,” said Brad Aldridge, product manager, John Deere Golf. “With this in mind, we challenged ourselves to design a machine that boosts productivity and maintains quality of cut while keeping costs down, and we’ve done that with the 6080A, 6500A and 6700A Models.” 

These three new models are true fairway workhorses with a powerful 24.7 HP(18.4 kW) diesel engine, three-wheel smooth tire configurations, and premium performance and comfort features. Operators will immediately notice that these three models fall in line with existing John Deere A Models demonstrating exceptional cut quality, even on hills, thanks to standard LoadMatch™. The innovative eHydro transmission eliminates linkages between the pedals and the hydrostatic pump. All models feature hydraulic mow circuits, and provide all-day mowing with various width-of-cut options: 

  • 6080A PrecisionCut Fairway Mower –18-inch (45.72-centimeter) QA5 cutting units provide an 80-inch (2.032-meter) width of cut 
  • 6500A PrecisionCut Fairway Mower –22-inch (55.88-centimeter) QA5 cutting units provide an 100-inch (2.54-meter) width of cut 
  • 6700A PrecisionCut Fairway Mower –22-inch (55.88-centimeter) QA7 cutting units provide an 100-inch (2.54-meter) width of cut 

Additionally, an eight mph (12.9 kph) mowing speed allows operators to mow more area in less time.  

As with all A Model machines, the 6080A, 6500A and 6700A Models also feature the innovative TechControl Display with password-protected supervisory controls. TechControl allows turf managers or technicians to input a wealth of commands, including mow speed, turn speed, transport speed, and service timers, while also providing on-board service diagnostics – giving them complete control over cut quality and performance.  

The 6080A, 6500A and 6700A Models also provide several features aimed at increasing machine and operator uptime, including internal hydraulic wet disk brakes that eliminate linkage adjustments and grease points in the brake system, along with a traction drive system requiring only one fluid type for maintenance. Finally, operators will appreciate the comfortable operator station with Command Arm mounted controls that adjust with the seat. The 6080A, 6500A and 6700A Models provide an outstanding quality of cut in undulating terrain thanks to a rear-attaching yoke on the cutting unit. The trusted A Model Fairway Mower platform provides strength and durability. Combined with the standard GRIP all-wheel drive traction system, these additions climb hills easier without the worries of high side tire slippage.   

The 6080A, 6500A and 6700A Models will each be available in 2019.