Club Car introduces improved van boxes

Club Car introduces improved van boxes

Changes designed for Carryall 500 and 700 Work Utility Vehicles and Carryall 510 and 710 LSVs.

August 22, 2017
Equipment Supplier News
 As part of its ongoing Transportation Solutions Program, Club Car introduces two new van box systems based on commercial customer and dealer feedback. The boxes address problems such as damaged panels and corners, water intrusion and security.

One is designed specifically to fit Carryall 500 work utility vehicles and street-legal Carryall 510 LSVs with standard lockable double rear doors.

The other is designed for Carryall 700 work utility vehicles and street-legal Carryall 710 LSVs. This larger box features three lockable double doors, one set on each side and one set on the rear.  Both boxes are made of rustproof powder-coated aluminum.

“The boxes feature a new robust design that looks similar to traditional van boxes, but comes standard with features that improve performance and returns on investment,” utility product manager Jerod McDowell said. 

Improvements include: 
--Interior LED lighting for greater visibility
--Bolt-on panels that allow for easy replacement in the event of damage. In most van boxes, the sides are welded together.
--Reinforced corners that increase durability in commercial applications
--No windows, which eliminates leaking and improves cargo security
--Magnetic catches on unlatched doors for easy opening and closing, especially on inclines

The boxes come standard in white or gray. Other colors are available at a slight charge.