Sharing their knowledge at the show

Sharing their knowledge at the show

A trio of assistant superintendents provide guidance to turf students at the Carolinas GCSA Conference and Show.

November 15, 2017
Guy Cipriano
Show & Event Coverage
Participants in the Carolinas GCSA Conference and Show Turf Bowl answered questions. They then received a chance to ask questions.
In a continuing effort to engage future industry professionals, the Carolinas GCSA offered a question-and-answer session with a group of managers students can relate to – assistant superintendents. 

The trio providing guidance included Rodney Crouse, superintendent at Old Town Club, Winston Salem, N.C., Matt Claunch, assistant superintendent, Carolinas Golf Club, Charlotte, N.C., and Chase Watson, assistant superintendent, Hound Ears Club, Blowing Rock, N.C. Here’s a sampling of the advice Crouse, Claunch and Watson offered more than 20 inquisitive students.

1. Prove yourself to your crew
“Most of the guys you are working with aren’t coming from college,” Watson says. “You have to bust your butt out there with them.”

2. Managing doesn’t stop at the course
“It’s on my mind when I drive home,” Crouse says. “You have more responsibility. That’s the biggest difference with being in a management position. If you’re a good assistant, it’s hard to leave your job at the door when you go home.”

3. Be business savvy 
“If you have a boss that lets you get involved in it, the earlier, the better,” Claunch says. “You know what needs to be done on the golf course, but when you put numbers down to it and start crunching them back and forth, that’s when everything really starts coming together.” 

4. Know your career goals
“Pick what you want to do and where you want to be – and stick with it,” Crouse says, “Once you start deviating from what you started with, that makes it tough.” 

(Pictured from left: Matt Claunch, Chase Watson and Rodney Crouse)