Musings from GIS 2018 And Beyond

Musings from GIS 2018 And Beyond

GCI’s Bruce Williams offers some reflection points about this year’s big show, as well as how to best complete your show experience.

February 12, 2018
Show & Event Coverage

EDITOR'S NOTE: Bruce Williams (left) pictured  at the GCI Booth with "brother from another mother" and fellow GCI contributing editor Anthony Williams.

Industry globetrotter and GCI’s Senior Contributing Editor Bruce Williams offers some perspective on this year’s Golf Industry Show in San Antonio.

  • Glad to see more people in seminars and events in casual business attire. Both seminars I taught had full houses and the audiences were engaged. 
  • While most things were a short walk I really appreciated the kind people providing info to visitors on The Riverwalk. Having walked to many a function, at night I give San Antonio a 5-star rating for visitor safety.
    Shout out to GCSAA for not just the top brass but also those who work tirelessly behind the scenes and back in KS!
  • Someone call Guinness! GCI’s Pat Jones set a new world record for selfies and pics at GIS. I suspect he might have to rest his thumb when he returns to Cleveland. 
  • What were your GIS highlights? What classes did you take and what takeaway message do you plan on incorporating into your golf course maintenance operations? What new equipment, innovations, technology or products did you learn about and perhaps may make a request for later?            
  • One trick of the trade I have taught for years is the follow-up superintendents and assistants should do the first day they return home. Don’t forget the power of a Thank You note.  Best post-show ROI ever. So, do it now to those who served as instructors, hosting receptions and providing support for our industry. 
  • Bonus points if you took photos. Pictured are worth a thousand words and may help you to pre-sell at budget time. By submitting this to your employers you will find it so much easier to make the request to do it again next year.           
  • Nothing better than showing appreciation and letting your golf facility know that you are spending their money wisely.

BONUS NOTE: Make sure the line item in your budget reads “Education Investment” rather than “Education Expense.”  

Looking forward to San Diego and next year’s show there.