Indemnify receives registration in California

Indemnify receives registration in California

Bayer nematicide can be used on warm- and cool-season turf.

December 4, 2017
Pests & Disease Supplier News
Environmental Science, a business unit of the Crop Science division of Bayer, announced that Indemnify is now registered in California.

Indemnify delivers optimal control of nematodes in turf while improving root health. Without the need for course closure or undesirable application methods, Indemnify offers improved application flexibility and can be used on both warm- and cool-season turf in all areas of the golf course. 

The active ingredient in Indemnify, fluopyram, offers strong curative and preventative nematode control to help improve root formation. In as little as one application, Indemnify controls nematodes on contact and continues to work throughout the root zone to offer visible, long-lasting improvement in turfgrass quality for up to six months.

Effective on Sting, Root Knot, Anguina pacificae, and many other species of nematodes, Indemnify is optimized for flexible application anytime nematodes are active, providing turf managers with a valuable solution for nematode management. Indemnify also offers a highly concentrated active ingredient and unique formulation specifically designed to penetrate the soil profile wherever nematodes are present.

“Until the launch of Indemnify, superintendents – particularly those in nematode-affected areas, such as California – didn’t have a convenient, fast-acting, long-lasting nematicide option,” said Derek Settle, Ph.D., Bayer Green Solutions Team specialist. “With Indemnify, superintendents can see positive results in as little as one application and still have the flexibility to apply up to four times per year. It’s a game-changer.”