AMVAC expanding product portfolio

AMVAC expanding product portfolio

Six new products entering market and OREON fungicide will be renamed.

October 3, 2017
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As part of its strategic growth plan, AMVAC Chemical Corporation is bringing six new products to its AMVAC Environmental Products business to address some of the toughest pest issues its customers face. 

“The long-term goal of AMVAC is to acquire or license new products to provide new offerings for customers in four strategic markets: golf course, lawn care/ornamentals/greenhouse, professional pest management and public mosquito control,” says Jeff Alvis, business manager, AMVAC Environmental Products. “These new brands significantly build out our product lines, so we’re offering even more innovative solutions for enhanced performance and resistance management options.” 

Innovative new products AMVAC has launched SCEPTER T&O 70WDG Herbicide and FF III turf fungicide. SCEPTER, which contains the active ingredient imazaquin, is a selective post-emergence herbicide that provides superior control of hard-to control weeds in turf and landscape ornamentals. FF III delivers long-lasting turf disease protection in a dry granular formulation that features three active ingredients: PCNB, chlorothalonil and propiconazole. 

AMVAC also announced three additional product introductions in the turf, lawn care/ornamentals and greenhouse markets in the coming months: 
-- AVENSIS insecticide/nematicide is expected to launch in the first half of 2018, pending EPA registration. Featuring the active ingredient abamectin, the product was acquired from ADAMA and will provide excellent control of key insects and mites on ornamentals. 
-- PREVIA fungicide, also acquired from ADAMA, is expected to launch in the first half of 2018. PREVIA, also pending EPA registration, contains the active ingredient chlorothalonil – a standard for broad-spectrum disease control. 
-- SUREPYC turf herbicide, featuring the active ingredient sulfentrazone, is expected to launch at the end of 2017, pending state registrations. Fastacting SUREPYC provides excellent control of sedges in turf grass. 

New termiticide/insecticide for pest control operators AMVAC has also added NAVIGATOR SC Termiticide/Insecticide to its portfolio of products in the professional pest management market, further meeting the wide range of needs for commercial and residential applications.  

The quick-action formulation of NAVIGATOR SC makes it an ideal tool for pest management professionals. With exterior perimeter/localized interior (EP/LI) applications, NAVIGATOR SC kills a variety of subterranean termites and protects the home against future infestations. After termites pass through the treatment area, they transfer the non-repellent active ingredient fipronil back to the nest. The product quickly spreads, resulting in accelerated colony destabilization. 
NAVIGATOR SC also provides peace of mind that other perimeter pests and invaders are taken care of quickly. 

“We’ve built a portfolio of brands and chemistries to provide options for professional pest control operators. NAVIGATOR SC brings another proven product for effective termite control,” Alvis said. 
OREON fungicide will be renamed PREMION effective January 2018. PREMION will be the new name for the product formerly known as OREON. The renaming was the result of a trademark issue with the original name. PREMION contains the same two active ingredients (PCNB and tebuconazole) delivered in the same high-quality water-based premix formulation. 
PREMION offers superior control of anthracnose, snow mold, dollar spot and brown patch in turf. The product features a dual mode of action and is the only fungicide in the turf market that contains both PCNB and tebuconazole, making it an important resistance management tool for golf course superintendents and turf managers.