Thursday, April 24, 2014

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Get control of your aquatic weeds

There's still time to register for Wednesday's FREE webinar at noon sponsored by SePRO -- Aquatice Weed and Algae Management: It's not black magic! More

All cleat designs are not created equal

Golf shoe manufacturers should consider superintendent input when developing their products. A Michigan State turf prof investigates whether modern spike designs are too intrusive. More

More of The Big Melt

In this exclusive online content, Agronomist Carmen Magro, CGCS, and vp of Stevens Water Monitoring Systems offers more insight about turf recovery and getting your course ready for spring play after this recent crazy winter. More

Blueprint for safety

Guest columnist Mickey McCord outlines all five parts of an effective hazardous materials plan you need to have in place. More

Snowed in

It’s been a long time coming, and there isn’t a single superintendent who isn’t happy that spring is here. GCI's Monroe Miller reflects on one of the worst winters ever. More

Product Spotlight

Civitas fungicide

Provides broad-spectrum control of various of grasses, including bentgrass, ryegrass and Poa annua and helps to control dollar spot, brown patch,... More

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Arysta announces GIS contest winners

Seven winners each received an iPad and a case of DISARM More

Aquatrols to present on surfactants at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly

Scientific gathering, which takes place in Vienna, Austria from April 27 to May 2. More

350 Ewing Irrigation employees converge on Dallas school

Team renovates irrigation system, build football field, garden and patio. More

Bernhard announces product enhancements

Anglemaster, Express Dual, Dual Master improvements promote increased efficiency. More

FMC debuts new app

Turf Advisor By FMC provides mobilaccess to weed and herbicide info. More

Companion Biological Fungicide debutes new packaging

Blue jugs designed to be easier to use. More

PBI-Gordon takes over as supplier of Segway Fungicide

Partnership with Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha brings fungicide offering to PBI's product portfolio More

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The art of public relations for superintendents

GCI's Pat Jones leads a discussion, sponsored by BASF, about how you can best shape perceptions about yourself and your agronomic program inside and outside your facility? Pat provides specific tactics you can use to create a positive vibe that will secure your current job or help you get a better one. More